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February 27, 2006

Desperate IITians

I was looking around in the list of bloggers from IIT kgp and i found this post in the blog by Arnav. It quotes a theory (and its rigouress mathematical proof) about the desperation level of IITians. Nice read.
I have been with the 'IITian' for almost 10 yrs now. Most of my frnds who I used to hang out with since Std 8 have gone on to become the reason of concern for memebers of this community. I will try my best to answer you with all my experience. And I wud like to do it using the technique that we are allegedly best at.Solving it as a problem.

Incedently Arnav was the previous Hall President of Patel Hall of Residence, the hall I stay in.
Desperate IITians

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