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February 16, 2006

JSON and RSS feeds

Yesterday i found out that the recent tracks info i added in the blog is not working from my friends' browsers. it is due to the reason that the morden browsers do not allow to make cross domain XMLHTTP Requests. So i set out to find a different way to do so. and after some searching on google and ajaxian i found JSON. JSON is JavaScript object notation. its an alternative - and lightweight - method of feed delivery. it provides a string which when evaluated in javascript using eval() give the javascript object containing the feed data.
i found out some great sites on JSON. its always good to start from ajaxian.com if u are looking for web 2.0 stuff. i was looking for a method to convert XML feed to JSON and today i found John Resig's blog post. guess i'll start working on it after my mid sem exams.
i hav two exams tommorrow, so wish me luck.

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