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March 08, 2006

Edge of IIT KGP

Today I along with Sumit went to RDC for my project work. After the brief meeting we decided to go to the tree plantation area of RDC. I have been there before but for Sumit this was first time. We took some great photos. I am sure not many people have seen these locations in IIT campus. May be I'll go there again someday.

March 03, 2006

Firefox crosses 150 Million Downloads!!

Firefox has achieved yet another milestone. After just 14 months of the lauch of Fx 1.0, it has crossed the golden mark of 150 Million downloads. Congrats to everyone one there using Fx. On this occasion I am adding a Fx download counter to this blog.

150 Million downloads and counting


I am back again. After two (or may be three) days of inactivity on digital plane I am here again. Last two days have been pretty usual except a few things. On wednesday (1st march), I went to Gopali which is 4 kms away from IIT. I passed through the forest and went to the Gopali Aashram. I sat there for about half an hour. The peaceful environment made me feel that we are losing simple joys of life running after artifical and supeficial things.
I am including a pic.

Open Road

Rasmus Lerdorf’s no-framework PHP MVC framework

Rasmus Lerdorf, creator of the PHP langauge, has a new tutorial on his site today that looks at the creation of a "no-framework PHP MVC framework" using PHP5, the Yahoo! User Interface Library, and JSON.
So you want to build the next fancy Web 2.0 site? You'll need some gear. Most likely in the form of a big complex MVC framework with plenty of layers that abstracts away your database, your HTML, your Javascript and in the end your application itself. If it is a really good framework it will provide a dozen things you'll never need.
I am obviously not a fan of such frameworks. I like stuff I can understand in an instant. Both because it lets me be productive right away and because 6 months from now when I come back to fix something, again I will only need an instant to figure out what is going on. So, here is my current approach to building rich web applications.

The no-framework PHP MVC framework - Rasmus' Toys Page