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February 25, 2006

a weird day

Yesterday was another one of those weird days which i spend doing nothing poductive. My day started off with ..., i dont realy remember what i was doing. I spent afternoon searching the web for a free web host (and i found one). I spent the eveing uploading and customising a wordpress blog on the web host, only to find that the host does not allow fetching remote URLs through php function: fopen(). After that I was doing some changes to my blog template (this one) and suddenly the template was corrupted.

Frustated with all these, i decided to watch some anime. I searched around and found this: Noien. Its a science fiction, adventure, romance story of a girl named Haruka who is blessed with a strange power, which a band on people from an alternate dimension, want to use in their wars. Strange story indeed...
I hav seen only four episodes yet.
Time for sleep
One more thing. I restored the template from a backup i made earlier. So alway backup your important files.

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